18 - 23 October 2021

Education in the new era: goals,
trends and challenges.



Due to the ongoing pandemic situation the International Council for the Educational Media
(ICEM – decided to offer a free virtual event with a series of webinars.

The ICEM Seminar Week will be hosted online by the
Polytechnic Institute of Santarém – School of Education, Portugal.

Juan Domingo Farnos

Investigador y asesor

"Educación Disruptiva": la nueva cultura

Sara Pereira

Associate Professor - University of Minho

Education in the new era: the role of Media Literacy

Mark West

Associate Project Officer - UNESCO

Ed-Tech response to the pandemic and futures for Education

Maria João Horta

Direção Geral de Educação

Digital Transition Action Plan in Education in Portugal

Cristina Ponte

Full Professor - Nova University of Lisbon

The ySKILLS: exploring the role of digital skills on children's education and wellbeing

António Dias de Figueiredo

Emeritus Professor - University of Coimbra

Education in Times of Uncertainty: Pedagogy, Technology and Culture

Hannah R. Gerber

Associate Professor - Sam Houston State University & ICEM President

The Ontological Imperative Framework for Analyzing Technology Adoption in Educational Settings

Full day online webinar


Politécnico de Santarém


  +351 243 309 520

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